Threads : Rock Fashion’s Greatest Hits



Image can seize the first moment until substance is discovered, disciplined and developed” – Andrew Loog Oldham, manager of The Rolling Stones.


You couldn’t have a Bowie now. People wouldn’t believe in that attitude, that superstar attempt to remain apart from society.”

Hair was a kind of religion with The Kinks and The Pretty Things. Growing one’s hair was also an overwhelmingly middle-class style of revolt”

In 1955, Mary Quant opened a shop called Bazaar on the King’s Road based directly on the kind of clothes art students were wearing. She revolutionized women’s fashion that year, and forever.”

Teds and rock made the working class the arbiters of style”

Brian Epstein found these suede boots in a dance shop in Mayfair. Because they were dance shoes they had no soles to speak of, so he had some made with proper soles and a cuban heel, they became known as the ‘Beatle Boot’. After that, Brian Jones bought all his shoes there.”




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